Student Life at IIIT Delhi

I consider myself, one of the luckiest students to get admission in  IIIT Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi) which is known as one of the prestigious technical colleges of Delhi.

So, what's so interesting about my college and what are some features that makes it so renowned.
Firstly, We're blessed with the best professors of India.
And this becomes the primary reason, we can't afford to bunk our classes. The classes/lectures are very important as well as interesting. And you know, what's the best part? There is no minimum attendance criteria. Jealous? Oh!wait for many more features to come :p

Our professors have openly announced if we don't want then we don't have to attend his/her lectures but as I told you we really can't miss our lectures. You see? We're so sensible ;)

Here comes the next good part of IIIT Delhi. And it is that we have lots of clubs. Technical or Non-Technical clubs also known as society.
Since I was declined towards the technical line, so I was interested in joining the tech society but since we have our classes from 9 AM to 6 PM and have our clubs timing from 4:30 PM to 8:45 PM there is no way to join the clubs after it is half done.
The day scholar can't really join it because of the time constraint and because the area where the metro station is not safe after 8:00 PM(as told by our senior).

Unlike other colleges, our assignments, homework comes with a deadline which can't be extended as we have to submit it online on the website called BACKPACK which has been designed and developed by one of our alumni. It means you've got no way to escape the deadlines, so you need to move your procrastinate self to do the works on time as there is no way out is the deadline gets over. though you can cry and get into a guilt trip ;)

So, what if we don't submit our assignments on time? I must tell you, It is really important because IIITD follows a different marking scheme. We don't have a marking scheme like other colleges (i.e. 30% for mid sem and 70% for end sem).
Here at IIIT Delhi, we have just 10% weight for mid-semester and 20% for end semester; we almost study the same as compared to other college students who study for their mid and end sem but we only get our marks out of 30%. And for the rest 70% percentage we have other things which   include our homework (which generally takes  5-7 days to done), assignments(which are not compulsory to submit but are graded), tutorials(which is again not mandatory, but it comprises of some surprise graded submission which means you can't even miss the tutorials) Mid Sem lab exam, End Sem lab exams and our Weekly Labs (The fun fact is that Labs are also not compulsory to attend, and these labs have their own weight in the grading system).
Tired of reading about exam system? Trust me, they are fun sometimes ;)

And also after this much of workload, sometimes I really think, If I would we able to finally get my dream job?
Though, In this article, I haven't talked about the most critical policy of IIIT Delhi, that is Plagiarism. I will talk about it in my next post.
Till then, happy reading.
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