The Happy Man Critique Writing

Bertrand Russell wrote the Happy Man and published it in 1930. The Happy Man is A snippet or passage/ chapter  extracted from the Book "The Conquest of Happiness."  Bertrand Russell was born in 1872 and was a Nobel laureate; he was also a political activist, philosopher, mathematician, social critic, writer and historian. He had married the fourth women at the age of 80 years. And he had written about the Happy Man. The measure idea that Russell think is that happiness depends on both internal and external factor. Whereby external factors he meant to love, success, shelter, food and respect in society and the reason of unhappiness is the lack of any one of these factors.

While reading, it resembles that the writer wants to force their opinion/idea on us.
Keeping literary aspect in mind, it looks that it is very complicated to understand its meaning especially for the beginner to the literacy. In the structure of  "the happy man," It seems like paragraphs end without clarifying everything.

Writers have used ample of adjectives words; vocabulary is impressive, he has used metaphors, and the theme is also comprehensive.

The essay comes to an end with the conclusive summary.
The wonderful quote from the essay "The Happy Man" which is the conclusion in itself is :

“the happy man is the man who lives objectively, who has free affections and wide interests, who secures his happiness through these interests and affections and through the fact that they, in turn, make him an object of interest and affection to many others. To be the recipient of affection is a potent cause of happiness, but the man who demands affection is not the man upon whom it is bestowed. The man who receives affection is, speaking broadly, the man who gives it. But it is which one might lend money at interest, for a calculated affection is not genuine and is not felt to be so by the recipient.”

The above quote tells everything about the essay.
This essay explains everything about the happiness of a man reasonably. Russell broadly speaks that if the person wants happiness then first he has to give happiness and warmth to others.

Source: a quote used above is taken from the essay by the Bertrand Russell "The Happy Man".

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