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19. Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid
Learn from These Online Course Creation Mistakes, Misjudgments and Errors
4.3 (29 ratings) 5,619 students enrolled

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Duration: 1 hour

18. Publish Your First Kindle eBook In 24 Hours Or Less
How To Go From Idea To Published Kindle Ebook In Less Than 24 Hours Even If You Have Zero Previous Marketing Experience
4.0 (23 ratings) 3,486 students enrolled

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Duration: 34 mins

17. Create Entire Nonfiction Book Outlines in Minutes - Use Now
My unique system that creates quality nonfiction book outlines in minutes, on any subject - You can use this immediately
4.5 (212 ratings) 6,409 students enrolled

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Duration: 1 hour

16. Agile Project Management: Scrum Step by Step with Examples
Explained with examples based on the real world for scrum master, product owner, team and project manager in industry
4.2 (1,735 ratings) 52,858 students enrolled

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Duration: 1.5 hours

15. Arduino Vs Raspberry PI Vs PIC Microcontroller
You will no longer wonder what board should you start with, or what board should you learn or use, this is your way in
4.0 (14 ratings) 1,662 students enrolled

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Duration: 36 mins

14. Homebaked | Raspberry Pi + Django Home Server
Build a Home / Local Networked Server with a Django-powered Web application to create a local-network-only app.
4.0 (277 ratings) 39,825 students enrolled

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Duration : 4 hours

13. Why become an entrepreneur
Simple steps for a better life and for your journey to financial freedom
4.0 (17 ratings) 4,769 students enrolled

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Duration: 1 hour

12. Interior Architecture Plan Design Course | Urdu/Hindi
Learn designing a house and all its internal necessities on Autocad in Hindi
4.1 (18 ratings) 6,402 students enrolled

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Duration: 2 hours

11. Build Confidence & Self Esteem : Overcome Fear of Failure
How to Overcome Fear of Failure : Overcome Fear : Self Esteem : Building Self Confidence Tips : Boost Self Confidence
4.5 (5 ratings) 996 students enrolled

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Duration : 2 hours

10. Successful Job Interview Strategies, Interview Preparation
Convince the Hiring Manager That you are the One for the Job, How To Improve Interviewing Skills,Interview Mistakes
2,332 students enrolled

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Duration: 1 hour

9. Circuit Design, Simulation and PCB Fabrication Bundle
Everything there is to know about how to Design, Simulate Electronic Circuits, Microcontrollers, Arduino and Make a PCB

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Duration: 12.5 hours

10. IOT using NodeMCU(Powered by ESP8266), MicroPython & PyCharm
The Fastest way to Prototype IOT Products/Applications Using NodeMCU(Powered by ESP8266) + MicroPython + PyCharm
4.0 (55 ratings) 784 students enrolled

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Duration: 2.5 hours

9. Lose Weight and Eat What You Want. Lose weight w/Kettlebells
Lose weight by eating what you want & workout only 2-4 hrs/MONTH. It has never been easier to lose weight.
4.3 (67 ratings) 9,103 students enrolled

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Duration: 1.5 hours

8. Management Consulting Careers : an honest guide for students
How to become a management consultant : Management consulting certification : Graduate Business consulting careers
4.5 (4 ratings) 1,163 students enrolled

Duration: 1.5 hours

7. WiFi Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) From Scratch
Learn how to hack many different forms of WiFi from a penetration testers perspective
4.0 (295 ratings) 27,261 students enrolled

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Duration: 8 hours

6.Statistics with R - Beginner Level
Basic statistical analyses using the R program
4.3 (738) 43,538 students

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Duration: 3 hours

5.Computer Simulation of Electronic Circuits with LTSpice 
LTSpice Circuit Simulation

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Duration: 2 hours

4.Master Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop-Best Seller
Learn Photo manipulation with this Amazing Sci-Fi Like Character Photo Manipulation for beginners
3.5 (110 ratings) 23,774 students enrolled

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Duration: 3 hours

3.Travel Hacking-How to Travel the Globe when Young and Broke!
Learn How to take an INEXPENSIVE Gap Year of Travel and work abroad to fund your trip!!

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Duration: 4 hours

2. ARKit & SceneKit Fundamentals Turn your living room into augmented reality environment
Duration: 4 hours

Direct link: 
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1. Brief introduction to Atom Editor
Brief introduction to Atom editor. Get a feeler before you switch or see what Atom offers you before getting started
4.5 (5 ratings) 1,873 students enrolled

Direct link: 
Use coupon code: STUSPL193
Duration: 1 hour

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